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April 29th 2018 - General Władysław Ander’s Monument

Another monument from Koszalin has been added. Details haven’t been yet described, as it isn’t the final version. However, the monument can be now publicly viewed. The English version of this site is gradually uploaded.
Władysław Ander’s Monument.

March 31st 2018 - Test version of website

The Virtual Sculptures and Monuments project is available for a narrow group of viewers for testing purpose.

The first published models are related to my master thesis which compares of two measurement methods and those are:
1. Girl with Mongoose.
2. Sculpture by Mirosław Jaruga.
3. Siren.
4. Marshal Józef Piłsudski’s Monument.
5. Obelisk of Polish Red Cross.
6. Monument of Gratitude.