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Marshal Józef Piłsudski’s Monument

Author: Romuald Wiśniewski

Published: 2003

Model size:  12 MB.

Online3DViewer by kovacsv.


The bronze statue by Romuald Wiśniewski is depicting marshal Józef Piłsudski and was unveiled in 2003 at Zwycięstwa square (BUŁŁO 2014) between Zwycięstwa street and W. Andersa street. The monument itself rests on the high and very gleaming pedestal covered with dark granite, of which surface has been carved with silver letters. The object is less than 10 meters high. The figure of the marshal is facing north.

About model

The sculpture was scanned on July 28th, 2013. Based on the obtained data, 3D model was created in CloudCompare using Poisson method. In the next step, the model was optimized in Instant Meshes.

The dark and polished surface of plinth generates serious problems during reconstruction. Circular holes have appeared on three of four sides, where flat surface was expected. This effect was caused by an intensive reflection of laser ray returning to the laser scanner. Due to the height of the monument, not all parts of upper surface were possible to measure with chose method. The problem especially occurred at the top of the pedestal and on the sculptured shoes. As part of the simplification, sharp edges of the plinth are also noticeably distorted. Nevertheless, the large part of the monument was reconstructed with details.


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