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Known as: Sundial

Author: Zygmunt Wujek

Published: 2010

Model size:  7.6 MB,
Texture size:  2.5 MB,
Total:  10.1 MB.

Online3DViewer by kovacsv.


The sculpture is located in the middle of Lapidarium in Muncipal Cementary of Koszalin and resembles sundial with four symbols of locally worshiped religions: Judaism, Catholicism, Greek-Catholicism and Orthodox Church. The sculpture was made in 2010 by Zygmunt Wujek mostly from sandstone with Swedish granite top, iron floral details and bronze time scale (BUŁŁO 2014). The measured height from paving stone surface to granite top is 1.07 meters and diameter of the top is between 1.49 to 1.50 meters.

About model

Based on photos obtained on April 21st, 2018, the 3D model of the sculpture was created in Agisoft Photoscan application. Due to the technological limitations of used software on reflective dark surfaces and thin complicated details a success wasn’t expected. Unexpectedly, the geometric shape of sundial’s top was obtained, as well as some of floral details. Both were however distorted to some degree. Although the pieces of data can be manually corrected. The paving stone around, which wasn’t even a desired element of reconstruction, also doesn’t represent the flat surface seen at scene.

The model has been leveled and oriented to the North in CloudCompare . The 3D model is unscaled for now.


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