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Road to Freedom

Author: Zygmunt Wujek

Published: 2005

Model size:  9.2 MB,
Texture size:  3.1 MB,
Total:  12.3 MB.

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In year 2005 (BUŁŁO 2018) the monument "Road to Freedom" by Zygmunt Wujek was unveiled near the entrance to Sanctuary of Our Lady of Three Times Wonderful on Słupska Street in Koszalin. The granite boulder was set on the plinth of concrete slab base and granite pieces above. Three metal plates were attached to the boulder’s sides, as well as eagle and silver colored cross made from patinated cast iron (GUT 2013) were erected atop.

Dimensions of plinth are 3.80 x 2.36 x 0.31 meters height in front up to 0.43 meters height from rear. Boulder size is circa 2.58 x 1.17 x 2.00 meters of height. Eagle sculpture is 0.74 m wide, 0.35 m deep and 0.93 m high. The cross is 0.93 meters wide, 0.076 thick and 2.32 meters high including its base. Maximum height is 4.42 meters.

About model

Photos have been taken on March 25th 2018, although first calculations in Agisoft Photoscan resulted in eagle and cross being too deformed, multiplied, to publish. Metallic shine, similar color and photo perspective from below made 3D reconstruction of these elements difficult. The photo session was repeated on April 21st 2018. The mentioned problem was reduced, but not eliminated. As result the cross is thinner than in reality and the eagle is thicker, especially in higher part. Remaining elements were reconstructed in high detail, although the narrow crevice between the boulder and plinth resulted in small particles being modeled inside of the main body. Additionally, some engraved parts of text appeared blurry. Resulting model has been then oriented in CloudCompare.


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