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Pomnik Wdzięczności

Known as: Monument of Gratitude (pol. Pomnik Wdzięczności), Kidnaper

Author: Franciszek Duszenko, Adam Haupt

Published: 1954

Model size:  7.8 MB,
Texture size:  2.3 MB,
Total:  10.1 MB.

Online3DViewer by kovacsv.


The statue by Franciszek Duszenko and Adam Haupt (ŻUBER 1988), sculptured in sandstone and colloquially called „Kidnapper”, has appeared in 1954 on Zwycięstwa Square on a pink sandstone pedestal. In 1998, the monument was demolished and later in 2001 was unveiled again at Koszalin Communal Cemetery (BUŁŁO 2014). The reconstructed shimmering granite tablet with a carved description was then attached to the plinth.

In the night of March 8th 2022 the monument was destroyed by an excavator. The incident had a form of protest against Russian invasion on Ukraine (the active phase after proxy war against Ukraine from year 2014).

About model

The textured 3D model was created in Agisoft Photoscan from photos taken on April 25, 2014.

Due to the height of the monument, as well as its reach details, there were surface errors requiring a manual correction in the upper surfaces of the sculpture and plinth. Additionally, the algorithm reproduced edges and pedestal surfaces with distortions, causing the loss of original sharpness and planarity. The reconstruction algorithm has processed an uncleaned point cloud and in result calculated erroneous points from the sky.


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