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Girl with Mongoose

Known as: Girl with Mongoose (pol. Dziewczyna z mangustą)

Author: Melchior Zapolnik

Published: 1977

Model size:  11.7 MB,
Texture size:  0.9 MB,
Total:  12.6 MB.

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The sculpture was created by Melchior Zapolnik and was published in the year 1977 (BUŁŁO 2014). It is located near 21 Piastowska street. The object is frequently devastated by paint and stickers. In holes of peeled paint multiple layers of color are visible. The outermost layer of paint is white and slightly glossy. Dark stains cover the sculpture as well. The object seems to be lightweight and unstable, because the wind blows produce vibrations. The sculpture is surrounded by a few large trees, blocking the sunlight. The measured height of sculpture from the ground is 2.37 meters and width of hair is 1.20 meters.

About model

The sculpture was scanned on July 26th, 2013. Based on the obtained data, 3D model was created in CloudCompare using Poisson method. In the next step, the model was optimized in Instant Meshes. In another step, textures were created in Agisoft Photoscan from photos taken on April 5th, 2014.

Vibrations of the sculpture negatively affected the quality and generated problems in viewpoints alignment. Additionally, small plants covering bottom surface of the sculpture caused gaps in the reconstructed object. In spite of all, the quality of details is visually high. The presented model is not final and needs another corrections.

Because I do not support a mindless devastation and especially not the primitive one, I have censored the effects of vandalism like offensive words and phallic symbols.


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