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PCK Obelisk

Known as: Polish Red Cross Obelisk (pol. Obelisk Polskiego Czerwonego Krzyża)

Author: inż. Henryk Glugla

Published: 2004

Model size:  8.8 MB.

Online3DViewer by kovacsv.


Henry Glugla’s Obelisk of the Polish Red Cross was unveiled in 2004 on PCK square, between Jana Matejki and Karola Szymanowskiego streets. It is a low granite boulder with a shimmering Red Cross symbol based on a small plinth of concrete. A shimmering granite plaque with carved silver inscriptions is attached to the pedestal (BUŁŁO 2014). The edges of the plinth and the plates are smoothed. The object is very rough and consists of different textures.

About model

The sculpture was scanned on July 29th, 2013. Based on the obtained data, 3D model was created in CloudCompare using Poisson method. In the next step, the model was optimized in Instant Meshes.

The monument has been reconstructed in detail. However, the surrounding shrubs and uncut grass generated a problem. It created an area of low density of points, which generated holes in the right side of the pedestal model.


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